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Hello and welcome to Paranormal Britain's official website. This site will let you make the most of what Paranormal Britian has to offer, from our Paranormal Britian documentaries, to our Spooky Stories. If you want to be constantly in tourch with Paranormal Britian, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. There are currently 14 episodes of Paranormal Britain 'PB' and more should be on soon!!!  We hope you enjoy Paranormal Britain!



Welcome to our website

This is Paranormal Britain or PB's official website. We offer a look at the Paranormal Britain documentaries, Paranormal Pics, photos of the potentially paranormal, our Spooky Stories, plus links to the official Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also take a peek inside the old book featured in the documentaries. Although Paranormal Britain isn't very well known yet, we potentially want to try our best at getting across to people. We hope in the future 'PB' will be successful, but that will only come with the support of the public.Thanks to everyone who is already supporting Paranormal Britain 'PB!' Keep looking out for more!!!


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