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Spooky Stories

As Hampton Court turns 500, we take a look at some of the chilling ghost stories that have swept through the palace over the last few decades!

27/02/2015 20:45
We are familiar with ‘Skeletor’ the spectra caught on Hampton Court’s CCTV camera back in winter of 2003; however are we as familiar with the other haunting’s, which don’t always find their way into our news? It isn’t surprising that Hampton Court may have many ghost stories to tell when we think...

Haunted Town of Dorchester

18/10/2014 20:44
For centuries, Dorset has been famous for its legends surrounding hauntings and the population of Dorset may not realise just how haunted this county is. Although these supernatural accounts might just be myths told from generation to generation, the many documented accounts throughout Dorset can’t...

Nurse reveals possible haunting in Dorset hospital

18/10/2014 20:41
Nurse reveals possible haunting at Dorset Hospital Over the past few years, nurses at a Dorset hospital have been spooked by incidents, which can’t be explained. Sadly we cannot identify the name of the hospital, but it is situated opposite the site of an old workhouse. Could there be tales of...